Qutub Desert Camp


In our each tent of the camp is customized and designed with outmost style keeping the modern necessities in mind. Different kinds of elegant furniture and lights are used to ornate the tents. provides camping accommodation, which is set up in the sand dunes for the comfort and convenience of tourists wishing to journey jaisalmer and Stay in Desert where in the tourists get to stay in tents decked with all the comforts and conveniences.

Qutub Desert Camp is Located at Sam , 45 Kms from Jaisalmer (known as sand dunes of Thar Desert). Prince Desert Camp is one of the best camping sight of Thar Desert- Jaisalmer. We also provide village safari on our guest request through jeep & camel in desert and to feel local village lifestyle and atmoshphere, an also seen Desert National Park to know about Desert wild life and clean dunes made by nature.

‘Sunrise /Sunset’ Camel Safari

It is your choice whether you wish to go on this safari at either morning or evening . First we pick you up directly from the hotel you are staying at. You are then introduced to your camel and the camel men. Each camel has their own rider who sits behind you. And also for your safety. We then take you through the desert where you and of course sunrise or sunset. After approximately three hours of seeing the beautiful area, around sam you are then dropped back safely to your hotel with lots of photos to show friends and family. (served tea coffee & biscuit also)


The camel is a lovely and tame animal, however, certain care must be taken and instructions observed to make your ride as comfortable and safe as possible.
When mounting the camel lean back and make sure you are comfortable in your saddle.
Hang your backpack on the saddle knob.
When the camel stands up or sits down, lean back again and hold the reins (mori) tightly.
Always hold the reins when riding, as you will be rocked gently back and forth.
When turning right pull the right rein gently into the right direction, when turning left pull the left one to the left.
For galloping pull both reins together slowly and give the camel a slight kick on both sides with your legs.
To make the camel stop pull both reins backward quickly.
To make the camel sit down pull both reins and mouth the word "Jhu Jhu".
To get it walking again just pull the reins up again.
Should you wish to receive a demonstration of the above before the start of the trip, please just ask our trained drivers. Never provoke a camel or give it any sort of food!