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Hotel Qutub Villa Jaisalmer welcomes you to experience a truly delightful and wonderful stay in Jaisalmer. Nestled in the lap of the city, Hotel Qutub Villa in Jaisalmer provides exquisitely furnished rooms and accommodation befitting every comfort and luxury. This hotel in Jaisalmer also extends value added services and facilities to the esteemed corporate clients, businessmen with a homely touch and cheerful hospitality.

Exclusive in Jaisalmer hotels and offering unique location in the lap of nature in the heart of Jaisalmer it is the only hotel in Jaisalmer facing the deer park. If you are looking for a cheap accommodation in Jaisalmer with all the best services and facilities then your search ends here. To make matters interesting, there are plenty of budget hotels in Jaisalmer, but hotel Qutub villa is a place which will ensure that there is enough to be done for the guests. It rarely happens that people are able to find a good hotel, an accommodation, which is the epitome of style, luxury, comfort and yet comes cheap to the pocket. Being a star hotel, the Qutubvilla hotel in Jaisalmer stands for these qualities and gives a restful comfort, when people choose these accommodations.

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Jaisalmer The Golden City

The Golden City of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is simply unmatched. It was the part of the famous Silk Route during the days of yore. The splendid Jaisalmer Fort stands proudly on its land and narrates the stories of the valor and chivalry of the Rajput rulers. Jaisalmer still retains its medieval charm, which is evident in its colorful narrow streets, splendid forts and palaces of Rajasthan, opulent havelis and bazaars. The otherwise barren land of Jaisalmer comes alive once every year during winters. It is the time when the festivities of Desert Festival slowly start engulfing the Desert City. During the festival in Jaisalmer, the city displays the wealth of its culture and traditions to the rest of the world. The festival expresses the people's zeal for the life and is a colorful extravaganza of fun, frolic, laughter and adventure.

The History of Jaisalmer has a charm of its own. Like all other cities of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer too has its own glorious past to boast about. History of Jaisalmer draws heavily from the history of the Rajputana. The city is said to be founded by one Raja Rawal Jaisal, a Bhatti Rajput ruler, in approximately 1156 A D. Legends go by that he did it on the behest of a local hermit named Eesaal. The raja choose Trikut hill as the new site for his fort. This was because he thought that his previous abode at Luderwa (16 km from present Jaisalmer) was vulnerable towards possible enemy assault.

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